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As well as the census aggregate data available through InFuse and Casweb, you can find links to other types of population data on this page.

Population Estimates for UK, England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

The Office for National Statistics produces annual estimates of the resident population as of 30 June each year. The estimates refer to the number of people who live in the UK as a whole, the constituent countries, and areas within England and Wales. They are provided by age and sex subgroups:

UK subnational population projections by ethnic group: 2001-2051

As part of an ESRC project under the Understanding Population Trends and Processes programme, subnational population projections by ethnic group have been produced. These are for the local authorities in England and the countries of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and have age-sex detail for the 16 ethnic groups used for the dissemination of the 2001 Census.

Data can be downloaded from:

UK mid-year population estimates for small areas: 1991

Following the 2001 Census, evidence indicated that previous non-response adjustments to 1991 populations were too large. After official adjustments to local authority populations, we built on the 1990s work by the Estimating with Confidence project to revise the age-sex small area populations for mid-year 1991. We also made the 1991 data consistent with the 2001 Census geography so that change over time can be calculated.

Age-sex counts for wards in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and postal sectors in Scotland can be downloaded from:

More details about the work can be found in:

Norman, P., Simpson, L., and Sabater, A. (2008) 'Estimating with Confidence' and hindsight: new UK small area population estimates for 1991. Population, Space and Place, 14(5), 449-472

1991 and 2001 consistent population estimates for age sex and ethnic group

A population series made consistent over time by:

  • enhancements for census non-response in each year
  • adjustments to be consistent with ONS mid-year estimates in each year
  • disaggregation to single year of age and sex
  • disaggregation to the full ethnic group detail used in each census
  • recast to the Output Area geography used for 2001 census outputs

Developed by Albert Sabater, Ludi Simpson and Paul Norman, with funding for dissemination from the Leverhulme Trust

More details about the work can be found in:
Sabater, A., & Simpson, L. (2009). Enhancing the population census: a time series for sub-national areas with age, sex, and ethnic group dimensions in England and Wales, 1991–2001. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 35(9), 1461-1477.

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